China (Guangdong) International Think Tank Forum
2017-04-27 16:48

Organizer:Collaborative Innovation Center for 21st-Century Maritime Silk RoadStudies

Time: 10th-11thMay 2016

Guangzhou China


Under theguidance of the “Belt and Road” Think Tank Alliance, Collaborative InnovationCenter for 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road Studies is to hold China (Guangdong)International Think Tank Forum of 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road inInternational Conference Hall of No.2 Baiyun Ave. North, Baiyun District, Guangzhou,China (Easeland Hotel) at 9:00 on 10thMay 2016.

The Forum issupported by central and state ministries and commissions includingInternational Department of Central Committee of CPC, Ministry of ForeignAffairs, National Development and Reform Commission, and Ministry of Commerce,as well as by Guangdong provincial government. Representatives from the abovedepartments and organizations, the Leading Group Office for Promoting “Belt andRoad” Construction are to attend the Forum.

Theme of theForum is “mutual consultation and trust, mutual assistance and win-wincooperation. Approximately a hundred famous experts of think tanks at home andabroad are to attend the Forum. So far 25 experts and scholars of think tanksfrom 20 overseas countries and 25 people from the media from 20 Asian andEuropean countries are to attend the Forum.

The Forum has four subjects: Enhance strategicmutual trust between China and other countries along the Road; Expand economicand trade cooperation between China and other countries along the Road; Promotecultural and civil exchange between China and other countries along the Road;and Strengthen collaboration on maritime affairs between China and othercountries along the Road. Reiterating China’s principle of peacefuldevelopment, taking full advantage of ocean linkage, the Forum aims to promoteconnectivity with countries along the Road to achieve joint development.